Conglomeration of Coruption

HA HAPull back the curtain and you have the Wizard of Oz and some of his wacky czars leading us to full government control of every aspect of our lives.

Van Jones, green jobs “czar” — admits he’s a communist and radical, race baiter, anti-America, 9/11 Truther, Eco-extremist nut-case

John Holdren, science “czar” — proposed “compulsory sterilization (drinking water so woman can’t reproduce, as long as it doesn’t affect men)” and forced abortions to control population

Cass Sunstein, regulatory “czar” — proposed bans on hunting, eating meat and proposed that your dog be allowed to have an attorney in court. And a fairness doctrine for the Internet, which he has since stepped away from for now

Carol Browner, global warming “czar” — was part of Socialist International, a group for “global governance”

Ezekiel Emmanuel, health care adviser — proponent of the Complete Lives System, which puts values on lives based mostly by age, pull the plug on granny

Jeff Jones, FCC, Shutdown free speech, feels freedom of speech is overrated, one of the leaders of the Apollo Alliance radical group, Jones and the Apollo Alliance wrote most of the stimulus bill. The bill that was passed without anybody reading it.


~ by royzer on September 5, 2009.

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