…but I have been cooking…

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Seafood penne


Eggs benny



I have been incognito…and may continue…

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Yay Scott Brown

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Royality: Will they succeed.

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Obama was groomed by the minority left wing establishment at an early age and brought up through the ranks by big money. He is not a presidential leader he is an icon of leftist ideology. And just like Al Qaeda, the big-money leftists had extreme patience during the process to achieve their agenda. They have succeeded to a point with Obama’s election and are quickly using him to complete their scheduled tasks. Only time will tell if Americans have been duped by this fabulously conceived plot.

End of the year.

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Well the year is over, a year that saw the fall from grace of the god Obama. It will be interesting to watch the debacle unfold in 2010 the November elections of course going to be the highlight politically by far. It will be interesting to see if Americans will destroy the Democratic Party in those elections. My prediction is every single Republican will come out to vote simply because they are more patriotic and anger will drive them to the polls. Democrats on the other hand will most likely be embarrassed to even show up at the polls, due to the destruction of the American economy by a democrat controlled Congress and White House.

Climate TRUTH at last.

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Here you will see facts and denial collide.


Excellent Palin facts in a nutshell

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The following is a response to a Liberal attack on Palin. From Hot Air.

She won her first office, a seat on the city council by a landslide.

She won both terms as mayor by huge landslides.

When she was elected Governor, she won the 3-way Republican primary with over 60 percent of the vote. She won the general against a popular former democrat/communist Governor in a landslide.

The fact is, every single election she has ever won was a blowout.

As Governor she had approval ratings in the mid-80’s right up until Obama’s thugs took up residence in Alaska. She was by far the most successful Governor in America, and the most popular.

That’s a tough nut in Alaska, as most voters are independents. They are very proud of it too.

Lets see, she took down major corruption in her own party. When she served as the state’s chief energy regulator she found corruption, and eventually resigned when the Governor wouldn’t take action. As a private citizen she took the whole mass down. Some still sit in prison.

As Governor she balanced budgets, reformed government, and of course you have AGIA, the largest construction project in North American history. That’s her baby, and no one else’s.

You have no earthly idea what you are talking about. And you obviously either don’t care to, or don’t the mental capacity to learn more.

You making me tired with this nonsense.

Sarah’s record is very public. In fact, pretty much everything she does is public.

gary4205 on December 11, 2009 at 1:00 AM